Search Analytics – Changelog


  • Bugfix: Users can not see the statistics page in some cases. View Bug report
  • Bugfix: Database error on term delete success page
  • Optimization: Compatibility with WP versions up to 5.8
  • Optimization: Compatibility with PHP versions between 5.6 – 8.0
  • Optimization: Security improvements and general code optimization
  • Optimization: Remove filters and groups on the term delete success page
  • Others: Add more “Useful Links”
  • Others: Add quick rate tool


  • Bugfix: Fix dates filter not allowing you to select the current day in certain timezones
  • Bugfix: Deleting multiple entries with the bulk action would trigger 2 notices
  • Feature: Add support for WpForo
  • Feature: Add mwtsa_export_filename filter to allow control over the filename generated when exporting data
  • Feature: Add shortcode mwtsa_display_search_stats for displaying search statistics on the frontend of the website
  • Optimization: Prepare the plugin for community translation
  • Optimization: Security improvements and general code optimization

1.3.4 Hotfix

  • Bugfix: Fix fatal error for missing wp_timezone() in WP < 5.3.0


  • Bugfix: Times displayed in UTC time instead of the website’s timezone
  • Feature: allow filtering searches by user
  • Experimental Feature: prevent terms from being saved if they contain certain substrings
  • Experimental Feature: allow the plugin to capture search strings from custom search parameters
  • Optimization: hook load_plugin_textdomain on the init action instead of the plugins_loaded one
  • Optimization: prefix helper functions create_date_range and get_current_user_ip with mwt_ to avoid eventual naming conflicts


  • Bugfix: “Only display the statistics and settings page for these user roles” not working correctly
  • Bugfix: Fix missing script error if charts disabled
  • Bugfix: Add prefix to the option setting group to prevent conflicts
  • Bugfix: Database error if search-term URL param is empty
  • Feature: Split the “Only display the statistics and settings page for these user roles” in 2 different settings
  • Optimization: compatibility with WP versions up to 5.4
  • Optimization: Add prefix to the option setting group to prevent conflicts
  • Optimization: Review and patch the plugin from a security perspective
  • Optimization: Made sure administrator display rights can not be taken away by making the field disabled

1.3.1 Hotfix

  • Bugfix: database not being updated correctly in case of plugin update. It only worked for manual plugin activation
  • Bugfix: search country locked to Canada.


  • Feature: add save_search_term() method to allow external search saving
  • Feature: add mwtsa_extra_exclude_conditions filter to allow more control over the conditions in which a search is processed
  • Feature: add mwtsa_exclude_term filter to allow more control over the conditions in which terms are saved
  • Feature: save searches by user so the user can see his search history
  • Feature: add country geolocation for the searches
  • Feature: add more options for the chart
  • Feature: add period comparison in the chart
  • Optimization: compatibility with version 5.2.2
  • Optimization: Add multisite support
  • Optimization: Build separate methods for displaying charts to be able to easily integrate it in other views
  • Optimization: Make chart include “today”
  • Optimization: general code optimizations


  • Feature: add ability to delete all search history older than a selected number of days
  • Feature: add setting: “Exclude searches from IPs list”
  • Feature: add setting: “Only record searches with at least the number of characters”
  • Feature: add “Ungroup” view for the list of terms for having a chronological data view
  • Optimization: compatibility with version 5.1
  • Optimization: change default sort to last search date
  • Optimization: average number of results column to only 2 decimals
  • Optimization: update the singleton pattern


  • Bugfix: fix bug in the database version update
  • Bugfix: “By Hour” group is not working correctly
  • Bugfix: “Hide graphical charts” setting not working correctly
  • Feature: Add a setting for using a cookie for previously logged in user for not counting searches made by users having a user role in the excluded roles list
  • Feature: Add a setting for not counting duplicate searches over a period of time
  • Feature: add role visibility for the dashboard widget
  • Optimization: update the way Group By works on the term details view
  • Optimization: use function_exists() and class_exists() for all function/class declarations
  • Optimization: add javascript graph compatibility with older IE versions
  • Optimization: show fewer points on the Y axis on the graphical chart if search count gets high


  • Bugfix: fix “Unknown column ‘average_posts’ in ‘where clause’” error on single term view ( introduced in v1.2.0 )
  • Bugfix: remove bulk actions on single term view ( introduced in v1.2.0 )
  • Bugfix: fix “Last 24 hours” time filter ( introduced in v1.2.0 )
  • Feature: add admin dashboard widget with last week stats
  • Feature: add possibility to group single term view results by day and hour
  • Feature: add charts for graphical data representation
  • Optimization: add link on searched term for faster navigation
  • Optimization: make custom views and filters language variables ( introduced in v1.2.0 )
  • Optimization: make all date and time columns use WP date and time format settings
  • Optimization: code updates to better comply to the WP coding standards


  • Bugfix: fix PHP notice on the settings page ( introduced in v1.0.3 )
  • Bugfix: fix search resetting time and result filters ( introduced in v1.1.2 )
  • Bugfix: fix notice “Undefined index: date_from” ( introduced in v1.1.2 )
  • Bugfix: fix notice “Undefined index: date_to” ( introduced in v1.1.2 )
  • Feature: ability to download history in a CSV file
  • Feature: add single term view with detailed search historical stats
  • Feature: ability to choose which user roles can see the search history stats
  • Optimization: set table names in plugin constants for cleaner calls
  • Optimization: move history data return from db function to independent static class.
  • Optimization: change time filter default to “All Time”


  • Bugfix: fix jquery.ui load over https ( introduced in v1.1.2 )


  • Bugfix: make stats page full responsive ( introduced in v1.1 )
  • Feature: add filters: all, only successful, only unsuccessful ( 0 posts ) results
  • Feature: Time range filters
  • Optimization: make bulk action “Delete” use language variable ( introduced in v1.1.1 )
  • Optimization: add screen option to allow selection of number of results per page
  • Optimization: last search date – sortable column
  • Optimization: add “clear” option to the date pickers
  • Optimization: add 2 months view on the calendars


  • Bugfix: remove limit of results on the table ( introduced in v1.1 )
  • Feature: ability to delete terms from the results
  • Feature: bulk terms delete action
  • Optimization: results per page reduced from 30 to 20


  • Bugfix: exclude empty search strings ( introduced in v1.0 )
  • Design: display tables using the WordPress Admin Tables
  • Feature: pagination for better data analysis
  • Feature: custom sorting on all columns
  • Feature: filter results by string


  • fix a warning occurring in certain cases on search


  • Add ability to delete all history
  • Add ability to remove the tables on plugin deactivate
  • Stats page restyling


  • Update results sorting for better viewing the data
  • Minimum styling on the stats page
  • Add link to the settings page


  • Fix deprecated notice


  • Initial Release

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