3 thoughts on “Search Analytics: Filters Reference”

  1. Hello,
    Simple and intuitive, fast and good plugin. I want to know if you can add in the next version the coming from internal link where the user searched and how many results user have on the searched word.
    Thank you

    • Hi Alin,

      I am not sure it will be in the next version, but it will definitely be added. There are more users who have asked for this and I think it’s time to offer this as well.

      However, this will most probably come as an add-on because not all users are interested in this functionality and I wouldn’t like to bloat the plugin with functionality only a few users will use.

      I will send you an email on the email you provided in this comment where we can discuss more about this. There is an alpha version of this add-on that you can test and tell me what else you’d like to see.

      We’ll be in touch soon.



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